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More Xbox games that are not advertised

Xbox Series X and S

Microsoft has confirmed that they have a lot going on in their pipeline, several games that have not been announced yet, but when will we see and hear about these?

It has been very thin with exclusive games for Xbox lately, but Microsoft still seems to have a lot going on, once it hits, it will probably hit really hard.

Now, however, Jason Ronald, who is the director of program management for Xbox, has confirmed in a podcast by name Iron Lords that they have a lot that has not yet been announced in progress.

To be a little more precise, Jason said the following:

“Not all games that we are releasing this year have been announced”.

But then the question is what games do we have to look forward to? Could it be treats from Bethesda perhaps?
And when will we see and hear about these games?

A lot going on, not the first time we hear it from Microsoft and they have not exactly delivered recently. Now it’s important that they really show what they are up to with new games for their powerful Xbox Series X.

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