7 Movies with Weird Endings That Are Still a Mystery

Movies with Weird Endings

One of the most important parts of any movie is its ending. This is the point in the film where you get to see some big reveal that clarifies so much about the plot. However, not every movie has an ending that answers your every question.

Rather, there are some movies that leave their audience thinking about the ending and everyone tries to explain it according to their understanding. In this article, we will take a look at some of these films with mysterious endings. Most of these films have done very well both in the eyes of critics and the general audience.

Here are some movies with weird endings that people are still trying to crack

  1. Inception

This movie is about creating and controlling the world of dreams. People who invade dreams have a thing called a totem which reminds them whether they are inside a dream or outside in real life.

In the last scene, the protagonist spins its totem to see whether he has finally made it to his family or not. The scene is cut and the credits roll in while the totem is still spinning leaving the audience wondering what that means for the character. It is available for free on kisscartoon rick and morty

  1. Triangle

This story is about a girl jess who ends up on an abandoned cruise ship after an accident. There is a mysterious killer on the ship whose identity shocks viewers to this very day.

The film is really a thrilling adventure with awesome visuals and a mysterious ending with a slight hint of characters from Greek Mythology.

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  1. American Psycho

This movie is filled with detailed graphic scenes that show the main character’s relentless killing spree. The protagonist Patrick Bateman is a Wall Street expert who has a twisted side.

In the last scene, however, there is a hint that all the people he murdered were actually not dead and it was all just his fantasy. The truth of the matter is still not clear, however, fans love the film for its attention to detail and amazing acting.

  1. Black Swan

This psychological thriller is another movie with an ending that leaves people both in awe as well as wonder. The final scene where the protagonist gives a mesmerizing ballet performance after killing her fellow ballet dancer who she thinks is her enemy trying to steal her part is considered a classic.

But as she is done with the performance, she finds out that she has stabbed herself which leaves the audience baffled. It is available for free on onionplay

  1. Shutter Island

This is another exciting movie which is about a guy named Daniels who visits a remote facility for criminally insane people. In the last scenes, it was revealed that he was here not to investigate some lost criminal rather he himself was one. The movie is filled with twists and turns and its ending is both interesting as well as thought-provoking. It is available for free on movierulz.

  1. Seven

This thrilling film is about two detectives with quite opposite natures. They are after a serial killer who is murdering people by following a systematic pattern inspired by the seven deadly sins.

In the final scenes, he manipulates the protagonist by saying that he would take him to the last two victims. The final scene reveals that he has actually killed the detective’s wife which triggers him to shoot the killer.

  1. Memento

This movie is about a guy named Leonard Shelby who suffers from a disease that prevents him from forming new memories. He wishes to avenge his wife by killing all the suspects on his list. Since he has a memory issue, it is not clear whether his wife was killed by someone else or from his own actions.

This mystery really keeps you on your toes throughout the film and you cannot get your eyes off of it for one second.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the greatest movies with mysterious endings which are almost impossible to crack. Try out these films if you are a fan of the genre and we assure you that you will have the time of your life.

We really hope this list of movies helps you find the stuff you like the most and have endless fun.  

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