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MSI presents the new gaming mouse GM41 a lightweight

MSI presents the new gaming mouse GM41 a lightweight

MSI continues to come up with new gaming accessories and now it’s time for a new gaming mouse that is wireless and light.

MSI does not make it easy with the names of their accessories nor with their latest mouse, Clutch GM41 Lightweight Wireless is the name and the name really reveals everything that this gaming mouse has to offer.

MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight Wireless

Clutch GM41 Lightweight has been released before, but this time it is wireless which I think many will appreciate, the wireless technology used is 2.4G which means that the response time is only 1ms.

The battery life should be up to 80 hours according to MSI, the weight of this mouse is only 74 grams which makes it really light and perfect to be wireless.

A nice detail is that you can either charge the mouse on your docking station that comes with it, but it is also possible to charge it with a cord directly in the mouse if you want. Charging the Clutch GM41 Lightweight Wireless 0 to 100% should only take 90 minutes.

MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight Wireless

Under the shell we find the PixArt PAW 3370 sensor which has a DPI of up to 20,000.

MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight Wireless can be bought right now, the price tag is around SEK 1,000.

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