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Mute the volume control ping sound in Windows 10

Mute the volume control ping sound in Windows 10

Do you also get terrified of the loud indication sound every time you turn up or down the volume on your Windows 10 computer? How to turn off the pling sound for good!

One would easily think that there was a simple and simple button called something like “Mute the volume control sound”I Windows 10. Unfortunately, the reality is different and turning off the sound that pings every time you change the volume on your computer requires a little more trickery.

I will here go through two solutions to get rid of the sound in question. One is a little simpler than the other and even if none of them (unfortunately) are completely perfect, they at least solve the problem. Then we get started!

Solution 1: Adjust the volume with the scroll wheel

The quickest solution is actually to completely not pull the slider at all. Instead, you can just as easily click on the volume icon and then use the mouse scroll wheel to adjust the volume up and down.
Of course, the procedure also works on laptops and laptops, although it is not really as easy to use two fingers against the trackpad to adjust the volume. But it works!

Volume control - Windows 10 - Scroll - Raise - Lower
In fact, the fastest way to adjust the volume without having to listen to the ping sound is to simply scroll the volume up and down.

Solution 2: Remove the volume control sound completely

It is also possible to turn off the sound effect for the volume control completely. However, this results in other programs and functions that also use the specific sound no longer playing any sound. Personally, I have never encountered any problems with this, but it is still worth mentioning.

1. Start by right-clicking Volume symbols at the bottom right of the screen (1) and select Sound (2).

Volume Control Sound - Mute - Ding - Windows 10

2. Double check that you are in the tab Sound (1). Then take a look at the list called Program events. The sound function we want is called Standard sound and is located approximately in the middle of list (2).

Sound - Default sound - Windows 10 - Mute the volume

3. Mark Standard sound and click in the list for Sound (right under). Change the default setting here (Windows Background.wav) to (Nothing).

Windows - background.wav - None - Shut down

4. Finish the process and save the settings by clicking Apply.

Windows 10 - Default Sound - None

5. The volume control sound is now gone! Something that is worth thinking about is that I said that “Standard sound”Is also used for some things other than just the volume control sound. For example. certain messages and other warning sounds. The sounds for these will no longer be played with this change either.

6. If you would like to undo the changes, it’s no harder than reopening The sound settings. In the list for Sound schedule you change from Windows default (changed) to Windows standard. Finish by clicking Apply for the changes to be implemented.

Audio - Windows - Default - Change back

If you have any thoughts or other questions about sound settings in Windows, you are more than welcome to ask them in the comments or in Questiondepartment!

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