Mute your Android phone with voice (Android 12)


With Android 12 on your mobile phone, you can turn off the phone with your voice.
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But you still have to hold down the on / off button – at least for a while.

The big news is that Google Assistant can be activated by holding down the power button. Then you can use the command “power off” or “power off phone”. Flexible, right?

Holding down the power button is another addition to two other ways to activate Google Assistant today. Namely to say “Hey, Google” or by swiping from the lower left edge of the screen.

It is unclear at the time of writing if Android wants the user to confirm the shutdown, or if it happens completely automatically after the command.

If you try to use the same command on Android 11 or older, Google Assistant tells you that this is not possible. Then you get a brief overview on how to turn off your Android phone in other ways.

It is also not clear if the function to turn off the mobile phone is limited to the Pixel series, or if all other Android 12-capable models are supported.
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