Neato launches its new D8 robot vacuum cleaner

Neato D8

Neato D8 is a new and much more intelligent robot vacuum cleaner that should actually do what it does best, clean without us having to think about it.

Nothing continues to impress with their vacuum cleaners and now they have launched their new D8 which has several smart solutions but also an impressive battery life of up to 100 minutes of cleaning.

In addition to cleaning and absorbing all the dirt on our floors, the D8 also ensures that it captures up to 99% of allergens and dust particles that can occur during vacuuming.

Just like other vacuum cleaners from Neato, there are two different modes, eco mode which is a little more gentle and a little quieter, the turbo mode which is developed for areas that need a little more powerful cleaning, for example on carpets.

The Neato D8 also has the largest dust container on the market, which is a big plus and you may not need to empty it after each session. Other smart solutions that Neato has equipped the D8 with include laser technology and LIDAR to make it easier for the vacuum cleaner to map and navigate its cleaning surface.

Neato D8

The D8 will be controlled as usual with Neato’s app called MyNeato, where you can simply create no-go zones, schedule the cleaning and keep track of whether your vacuum cleaner actually takes care of itself.

Neato D8 can be bought already now and the price tag is SEK 7,990, most large retailers in Sweden have the new vacuum cleaner.

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