Netflix has lost in Sweden while Disney + is growing

Videostreaming Sweden stats

Video streaming Sweden stats

Netflix has long been a leader when it comes to streaming video, but now there are more services that also take up more space, Netflix is ​​starting to lose.

Now Mediavision taken a look at how well things are going for streaming services in Sweden and Netflix, which has previously been superior, seems to be losing more and more.

Local players have the largest market shares in Sweden at the moment, while Netflix comes in second place. But this time we also find a novelty among services, Disney + which in one year managed to get together ten percent and this is guaranteed a figure that will increase over time as Disney has several movies and series in progress exclusively for the streaming service.

Interesting to see how Netflix had over 40% of the market shares in 2019, but now in 2021 they are down to 28% and look like they can continue to decrease.

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