Netflix wants to start developing games

Netflix wants to start developing games

Is it really a big surprise that Netflix also wants to enter the gaming industry? Why not, given that they can do this with entertainment.

Netflix has, as many may already know, several series and movies that come from the gaming industry, the largest then perhaps The Witcher, which in itself was first a book, but it was clearly the video game that made Witcher explode in popularity.

Now Bloomberg came across information that Netflix employed former managers from EA and Facebook where the focus should be on starting some type of gaming service and that they in turn should develop their own games.

Exactly how all this is planned to be posted remains to be seen, but we can probably expect that it will take a few years before we get to see something, but maybe Netflix can announce someone about this later.

Somehow I do not think it is so strange that Netflix creates games, but at the same time you want them to stick to what they do best, but maybe it can be really good and Netflix shakes up the gaming industry a bit, which may be needed.

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