Netflix will NOT offer support for spatial audio (spatial audio)

The Netflix movie service has no plans to include support for so-called spatial audio, or spatial audio as Apple calls it. Despite stubborn rumors speak for just the opposite.

At least Netflix does not want anyone to think they are working on the support. A Netflix spokesman told MacRumors website that they are not testing spatial sound right now, and that they have no public plans to talk about either.

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Instead, Netflix wants to make it clear that the movie service has instead tested multi-channel support for built-in speakers. It should be a step in the right direction to improve the service and evaluate new opportunities for users.

This means that those who use AirPods Pro or AirPods Max can not count on support for spatial sound for quite some time.

Rumor has it that Netflix may release support for spatial audio as early as the spring of 2021.
And many are hoping that Netflix will open up for 3D surround sound just as Apple did.

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