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New Dead Space game in progress – can be presented July 22


A new Dead Space game may be on the way. According to new information, the game publisher EA will present the new game already in the month of July – that is, eight years after the latest Dead Space 3 was released.

  • Should be a fresh start for the Dead Space series
  • Not clear if there will be a remake of Dead Space 1, 2 and 3
  • EA can present the new game already in July

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Should be a fresh start for the Dead Space series

The website VGC is the first to report on the new Dead Space game. They quote GamesBeat editor Jeff Grupp as the informant.

Their article states that it is EA Motive, the same game studio that worked on Star Wars Squadrons and helped with Star Wars Battlefront II, which is responsible for the new game.

This will be a restart for the Dead Space series. Much like how the latest God of War turned out for that series.

Other than that, there is not much information to go on. EA is expected to present the game at EA Play, a major gaming event, held on July 22.

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Conceivable with remake of Dead Space 1, 2, 3

In addition to a Dead Space 4 that follows the story in the third game, there is another possible launch. And it is a so-called “remake” of the previous three games.

This would mean that we get the acclaimed classics with the same horror theme as before, but with much better graphics quality.

However, that is not what Jeff Grubb thinks will come this time, but it would be a really cruel complement.

Exactly what will – if anything – remains to be seen. If you have not played the Dead Space series yet, you have missed three really good horror games. You can play on Xbox and PC, among others, and the games are available for just a few tens today.


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