New drama series starts on Apple TV +

Family-friendly movie new on Apple TV +

Apple TV + is getting fresh content again: “Losing Alice” started today on the streaming service. At the beginning viewers can watch the first episode. New episodes are always posted on Fridays.

On Fridays, Netflix and Co. usually start their new series or make new episodes available. Apple TV + does the same and so starts the new series “”Losing Alice“Also on a Friday.

What’s the matter?

Internationally acclaimed neo noir thriller: after the children are out of the house, film director Alice feels empty and lost. But then she meets Femme Fatale Sophie. What follows is a fanatical pursuit of success – at any cost.

Once again, great feelings and personal dramas in a new addition to Apple TV +. From today viewers can watch the first episode, further episodes will always appear on Fridays.

Servant starts strong in the second season

Servant was one of the initial titles on the Apple TV + offering. This series recently went into its second season and – measured by the average success of Apple TV + – quite hopeful. Industry reports speak of a more than twice as high audience rating in the first episode of the second season, because at the start of the series over a year ago.

In the USA, Spain and France the series was a little particularly successful. In addition, only the first episode of a second season was recently made available, while the first three episodes were made available at the start of the series. Apple itself does not disclose any coverage figures for Apple TV +. A third season has already been ordered by Apple. The series “For All Mankind” was also extended, as we did in one previous message reported that the second season starts here soon. However, none of this helps significantly to increase the impact of Apple TV + on the market. How we in this message described, Apple TV + remains a very small light on the streaming market.

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