New fixes for Chromecast with Google TV – better support for 4K / 60

Google has updated Chromecast with Google TV with new software. As usual, no change log is provided, but we have still found information about some of the improvements.

The update has version number QTS2.200918.033 and the size is 78.20MB. It is completely established that the update has the security fixes for December 2020, which may sound old, but it is not uncommon for the security fixes to lag one or two months behind.

Reading tips: The Apple TV app will be released for Chromecast – coming in early 2021

Another improvement with the update is that Chromecast with Google TV now works better on TVs with 4K resolution in 60 Hz.

Does that sound weird because your Chromecast worked flawlessly? Many people have reported that their combination of Chromecast with Google TV and TV did not work properly with earlier versions of the firmware.

Among the problems reported is that the TV did not want to see the Chromecast at all.
And in other, less problematic situations, some tweaks were required in the settings to solve the problem.

Once you have updated your Chromecast, the system will install another new update on your associated remote control. Here it is not determined which news applies; probably just bug and stability fixes.

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