New Google Drive for Desktop is here – replaces Backup and Sync


Google has released Drive for Desktop. The new app replaces Backup and Sync and Drive File Stream for Windows and macOS.

  • You must change the app latest in September 2021
  • Drive for Desktop replaces two other apps
  • Easier to upload and save photos

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An app that replaces two old apps

One of the great advantages of Drive for Desktop is that the app replaces two other apps – Backup and Sync and Drive File Stream.

The goal is for users to have a smoother and more convenient experience when files are to be synchronized between the cloud and the computer.

Among other things, it has become easier to upload photos to the cloud with Drive for Desktop.
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You can now choose whether to save them to Drive or to Google Photos.

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Support for external storage devices

Another news is that Drive for Desktop supports external storage devices.

You can connect both USB sticks and external hard drives if you want. Once connected, Drive for Desktop can sync files to and from devices just like your internal disks.
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If you are still using Backup and Sync, you will receive notifications from Google with information about the new app. And you do not have much time to switch to Drive for Desktop.

As early as September, Google will stop providing support for the old apps. Then you have to change whether you want to or not. Otherwise, the synchronization stops working.


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