New iPad Pro can have wireless charging & back of glass


New data indicates that Apple intends to release a new iPad Pro with wireless charging and back of glass. According to a report, companies can also launch an upgraded iPad Mini.

  • Reverse charge with MagSafe technology
  • Long before the next iPad Pro is released
  • New iPad Mini underway

Wireless charging works poorly when metal is involved. Therefore, mobile phone manufacturers prefer to use glass backs when offering wireless charging.

And if there is something the existing iPad Pro lacks, it is just a back of glass – but that can be changed with the next model.

Support for reverse wireless charging with iPad Pro

The Bloomberg website reports that Apple intends to implement support for wireless charging in the next model. This means that the back must change material if it is to work optimally; or at all.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on a solution that takes MagSafe to iPad Pro. It should not work exactly the same, with support for reverse charging where the tablet can charge, for example, a newer iPhone or Watch.

Note that there is no information on when Apple may release a new iPad Pro.

Apple introduced the M1-equipped model for 2021 only very recently, so it will probably be a while before the next one becomes relevant.
If you are already looking for a tablet today, existing models are worth checking out.

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New iPad Mini for 2021/2022

A new iPad Mini may also be underway. Among other things with new, more powerful hardware under the shell and thinner edges to the screen.

It should be possible to release the model as early as 2021, but it has not been determined when. A possible period is during the autumn when Apple usually introduces new mobile phones and computers.

We do not know if Apple intends to get rid of the home button as on its other models, but it would not be unreasonable that Face ID or Touch ID also comes to the iPad Mini.

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One last piece of news is that Bloomberg believes in a new 10.2-inch iPad. What’s new? It remains to be seen.

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