New! Plan Videos for Pinterest and schedule them for Later

New! Plan Videos for Pinterest and schedule them for Later

Today, we’re pleased to confirm that you are now buymalaysianfollowers able to create videos for Pinterest using Later!

Video can bring power to your Pinterest boards from instructional tutorials on makeup to how-to videos showing the content you post in its most appealing image with video-based Pins.

Plan your schedule, make a schedule, and then analyze both video and photo Pins all in one spot using Later!

YouTube scheduling is now available on all paid plans beginning at just $9/month. Get it today!

Expand Your Business using Pinterest and then later

Being an authorized Pinterest marketing partner, Later offers exclusive tools and services that will ensure you get the most benefit from Pinterest.

In actual fact, Later is one of the few platforms that allows you to schedule videos for Pinterest that allows our clients to join the growing community of Pinterest in more ways.

With 300 million active monthly users and more than 175 billion pins, Pinterest is a powerful search engine for companies. 72 percent of Pinterest users are motivated to buy items on the platform, even when they don’t have a need specifically.

At Later We’re here to help you connect with more people, increase the size of the size of your company, as well as broaden your Pinterest marketing plan.

Through Later as well as Pinterest, you now have the ability to:

Plan your Pins efficiently using our Content Calendar that is visual

It is easy to crop photos and videos and reduce videos to your desired length

You can save time by making, editing, and uploading videos to Pinterest and Instagram

Create your own custom descriptions, add saved captions , or give your personal touch by using Emojis

Monitor your total Pinterest performance, as well as your individual boards and Pin performance using Pinterest Analytics

Why Video Pins Are an Important Part of Your Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest is a platform created to be a place of discovery, making it the ideal platform for videos that are brand-focused and are educational and inspiring for their viewers.

According to Pinterest the search results of “inspirational videos” increased by 31% in the last year, with particular searches for makeup tutorials growing by 2,063%..

By using video pins You can join brands such as L’Oreal and Tastemade which already use videos for their benefit.

The use of video features has allowed them to expand their Pinterest following by 100percent every year!

“As early adopters to video on Pinterest, Tastemade has successfully driven over 1 billion video views and 200 million engagements YTD, while growing our following 100% YoY,” Larry Fitzgibbon CEO and Founder of Tastemade. Tastemade.

“It’s clear that Pinterest users are hungry for videos that are both entertaining and actionable,” he said.

It’s not difficult to see the way their captivating and often mouth-watering videos draw and entice customers.

Video Pins do not have to be restricted to foodie-related pins; workout videos, DIY craft projects as well as makeup tips are but some of the ways videos can bring your boards back to life.

How to Schedule Video Pins:

#1. Make sure you upload your content video to Later

Have you realized that you could add videos into the Media Library too? Plans that are free can only upload photos, but scheduling videos is available for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is included for all Later paid plans.

Videos can be uploaded direct to the Media Library, or import videos from Dropbox or Google Drive.

#2. Make a plan and schedule for your Pin using drag-and-drop

Choose your preferred video from the media library then drag and drop it onto your content calendar to plan it!

The calendar of content will give you an overview of the upcoming Pins and helps you keep the appropriate aesthetics to your boards.

To avoid unexpected surprises, it is recommended to be familiar with guidelines for Pinterest videos. Pinterest Video rules.

Videos must be:

4 seconds to 30 minutes long , and as large as 2GB.

MP4, mov, as well as M4V files, as well as H.264 or H.265 encoders.

Sizes of standard video, which include widescreen (16:9) and square (1:1) and vertical (9:16 4:5, 2:3).

In English, French, or German

#3. Trim or crop your video to fit on Pinterest

Select from a variety of different options to make sure that your video is of the ideal size and length.

Later’s native editing lets you to select from four different sizes:

Freeform: Choose a custom crop size

Square 1:1 aspect ratio

Portrait: 4.5 aspect ratio

Landscape: 16.9 aspect ratio

You can also cut the beginning or ending or the end. There’s no limit on the amount you can cut but keep in mind that your videos must at minimum 4 seconds in length.

#4. Include a caption as well as a URL

Increase traffic to your website by putting up a link and keep your followers interested by providing the best description of your Pin.

#5. Plan your video pin!

You’re now ready to click save and plan the video Pin with Later! Pinterest is determined to keep the highest standards in community posters, which is why every video Pins need to be approved by Pinterest. approval prior to publication.

When you save your post the Pin will be approved Later. This typically takes between 24 to 48 hours. When your Pin is approved, you’ll be able to see the “Approved” tag on the calendar page.

In some instances, Pinterest may reject posts You can read more about their guidelines for community members here.

Important: Make sure your video Pin is uploaded at the time it was scheduled therefore it will be approved within 24 hours after the scheduled time. After it’s been accepted by Pinterest Your Pin will be released immediately.

#6. Improve your Pin performance and increase your followers by monitoring the results of your Pins using Later’s Pinterest Analytics

Find out the most in-depth information about the growth of your followers, their individual board performance comments, saves, comments and the performance of your pins.

Need help posting videos to Pinterest? Take a look at our guide to help here.

With these exclusive and new features, and Click Here the power in the Later and Pinterest collaboration, there’s no that can stop you from engaging with your customers and eventually taking your business up a notch via Pinterest.

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