New Symphonic speaker from IKEA and Sonos

New Symphonic speaker from IKEA and Sonos

IKEA can release a new, improved Symphonic speaker already this summer.

On June 14, IKEA will hold an online event called “SYMPHONIC Virtual Press Event”.

It reveals a leaked document that was shared on the website Reddit.

We already know that IKEA and Sonos have a collaboration to manufacture speakers.

And now maybe we get another IKEA-branded one under the Symphonic name.

Previous information points to a picture-like solution where the speaker becomes like a work of art on the wall.

Another detail that the report reveals is that the price can be around 150 pounds / 179 USD. Converted, it will be approximately SEK 1,800 here in Sweden.

Registered with US authorities

Earlier in April registered IKEA of Sweden AB a new wireless device at the US FCC.

The only thing that registration reveals is that the wireless device uses Bluetooth and WiFi, both 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

Beyond that, we do not know what is planned. We’ll have to wait and see what IKEA and Sonos have in mind – if anything at all.

What do you think will come? Write a comment and tell us!

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