Online casinos would not exist if it were not for technological advancement. How else could a European casino offer its services to people in the USA? How else could players load money into their accounts without effecting wire transfers? All these services, including access to games, come down to the adoption of technology in these online spaces. Even the internet is a technological milestone! So, it makes sense that casinos like Zet Casino would venture into more technologies to stay afloat and be competitive in this online gaming industry. We look at some of these trends and their possible impact on online casinos:

What New Technologies Have Online Casinos Embraced?

You may have used some of the technologies below. Others are still relatively new, and their uptake is on the lower end. But one thing is for sure – in the coming decades, most casinos will have embraced almost all these trends:

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Have you ever played at an online casino and felt like the experience had been tailored to meet your needs? It was not out of mere chance. Casinos continually gather data about their players to figure out:

  • The games they like the most,
  • How much money they are willing to wager on each game, and
  • Their playing patterns.

Eventually, casinos gather enough data to know which games they should push to specific demographics. It is much like what social media platforms do, where they keep suggesting content based on what you have viewed and liked in the past. Casinos also do this by pushing games based on your preferences and past behavior.

Chat Bots and Online Forums

While many people enjoy the convenience of playing games in the comfort of their homes, they have raised issue with the perceived loneliness of such gameplay. Some people miss the lively environment in physical casinos and crave human interaction as they tinker with the games. Online casinos have heeded this need in two ways:

  • Chat Bots: These are software with predetermined responses which help players navigate the websites. For example, if a player wants to know how they should play a particular game, they can ask the bot for help. Of course, the bot can only respond with the programmed responses, so players cannot quite interact with it further than this.
  • Chat Forums: Players who want to interact with other humans can use the forums in online casinos. Here, people talk about their experiences, share tips, and even form friendships extending beyond gaming platforms.

Many casinos are now looking into incorporating virtual and augmented reality to make the interactions feel more natural to their players.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Chatting with other players on online forums is somewhat close to the experience in physical casinos. But do you know what feels like being in an actual casino? – Using virtual reality and augmented reality! These technologies allow players to fully immerse themselves in the casino setup using avatars. This way, an avatar from Europe can interact with an avatar from the USA. These avatars can pretty much do anything in the virtual realm, including talking to each other, sharing a drink, etc. The players back home control the avatars and can walk around the casino, playing games as if they are in the casino!

Most casinos are now offering this gameplay as an option. However, due to the initial costs of headgear and accessories, many players are yet to embrace this technology fully. But with more manufacturers throwing their hats in the ring in readiness for the metaverse, more accessories will be available at cheaper costs to cater to this growing need.

Here’s a technology you’re likely using already – mobile gaming! Casinos have optimized their sites to run on desktops, tablets, and even mobile devices, enhancing the ease of access for players worldwide. Some even have apps dedicated to their online games. 

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