New to Evernote – create Tasks and keep track of your projects

Evernote has updated its apps in support of Tasks. This means you can create personal projects and more easily manage your days and weeks of to-do tasks directly in the apps.

  • Easier to manage projects and weeks with Tasks
  • Flag information, add due dates and reminders
  • Early Access feature right now

Add due date information to Evernote

A big advantage of data in Evernote (and the main difference from checkboxes) is that you can set due dates and flag them.

Tasks have notes that are similar to any other note in Evernote. It allows you to add text, links, audio files, images, videos and tables to your data if you want.

All data you create is displayed in a separate tab in the sidebar.
You can sort by note, due date or just see flagged information.

You can also search for information if needed.

Data is currently free to try for all users, even those who do not pay for a subscription. At this Early Access stage, development is still ongoing, and you may encounter bugs along the way.

In addition, important functionality is missing, such as the fact that you can not do recurring tasks with due dates every week or month.

To access Tasks, you need to update your Evernote apps to the latest version. In Windows 10 and macOS, you may have to wait a bit before the apps detect the update, or you can download the new, latest version and manually reinstall.

Download Evernote here

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