New update accelerates access to contact diary

Corona warning app still needs to be adjusted

The Corona warning app recently received another update. Among other things, it brings faster access to the contact diary, which virologists consider to be a particularly effective tool in preventing a major outbreak. Do you already use this function?

Tonight we want to draw your attention to another update that the Corona warning app last received. With version 1.14.3, the developers from Deutsche Telekom and SAP are adding a way to call up the app’s contact diary more quickly directly from the home screen, which can now be done via 3D Touch or Haptic Touch.

The contact diary is a feature that infection biologists and virologists in particular expect a lot from in the fight against hotspots. In order for this function to be effective, it must also be accepted and actively used by a significant part of the users, which is likely to fail the effectiveness of the Corona warning app.

Further improvements in the latest update

In addition, the app adds more precise information about the risk to which a user was exposed.
The developers write in their notes on the update:

– Extensions to the contact diary
You can now access the contact diary directly without opening the app by clicking on the app icon for about 2 seconds and then on “Diary entry
add for today ”.
You can now enter notes and additional information about an encounter for each entry in the contact diary.
– You can now see whether your risk is increased due to one or more encounters with an increased risk or due to several encounters with low risk.
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– Screenshots of the Corona warning app are now available on the website

Alternative contact tracking concepts

While the Corona warning app (Affiliate-Link) is still the most popular app for contact tracking in Germany, it is no longer alone here. There are other apps that have recently become very popular and that want to provide a superior range of functions for broad sections of the population, but these are controversial. In this edition of the AppSalat let’s introduce the Luca app.

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