Nine out of ten smartphones activated at Christmas in the US were iPhones

Nine out of ten smartphones activated at Christmas in the US were iPhones

Apple’s iPhone was absolutely dominant in the number of smartphone activations in the US over Christmas: Nine out of ten activated devices were iPhones. The only model that didn’t come from Cupertino was a budget smartphone. The price was a more important topic this Christmas anyway.

Apple can be satisfied once again: Once again, the iPhone showed extreme dominance in the US business. A recent survey by market researchers at Flurry showsthat nine out of ten smartphones activated over Christmas 2020 in the US were actually iPhones.

Apple traditionally achieves such numbers primarily in the USA, in Europe the distribution of market shares looks significantly different and in Germany the iPhone is light years away from this distribution.

Users paid more attention to the price in 2020

Once again, the most successful smartphone in the activations for Christmas was that iPhone 11 (Affiliate link), this time the model from the fall before last was even able to gain a few points. This development does not come as a surprise: The iPhone 11 was already popular at the end of 2019, mainly due to a further lower price. In 2020, customers paid even more attention to the price due to the corona pandemic and the associated economic upheaval. In addition to the iPhone 11, the iPhone SE and the iPhone XR, which are still finding buyers, also benefited from this.

The iPhone 12

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