Nintendo sells well with Switch consoles

Nintendo Switch

The Switch console has clearly been a hit for Nintendo, which has now revealed some new figures that are clearly impressive.

Nintendo has now presented its annual report and there are some impressive figures. In other words, Nintendo has managed to sell 84.59 million Switch consoles since its launch, last year alone they sold a full 28.
9 million consoles, which is really impressive for one year.

Switch has already overhauled Nintendo 3DS and Game Bot Advance, Switch continues to sell just as well in the future, they will continue to climb the list of best-selling consoles.

But in addition to consoles, Nintendo has also sold a lot of games, a total of 230.88 million games, which is perhaps not so strange considering the number of consoles out there.
Last year had an increase of almost 37 percent in terms of games, a game that sold really, really well is Animal Crossing: New Horizon which has almost 21 million copies sold.

Nintendo is doing really well now, we can only hope that they have some new, updated Switch consoles underway, if they have it, it is almost guaranteed that sales will continue to impress.

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