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Nintendo Switch (OLED) does not have better performance


Hopes that the Switch (OLED) would have improved performance were initially high, but Nintendo confirms that the new Switch model has the same performance as its predecessor from 2019.

  • Same performance as two-year-old Switch (2019)
  • Not sure if there will be a Switch Pro later this year
  • Nintendo has never focused on hardware like Microsoft and Sony

Switch (OLED) has the same performance as Switch (2019)

Do not expect your games to flow better on new and improved Switch (OLED). It uses the same amount of RAM and the same Nvidia Tegra processor as in Switch (2019).

This means that you can not count on any higher raw power from the game console. Although Nintendo can of course make further optimizations to the software to squeeze that last out of the old hardware.

The question many are asking now is whether Nintendo is stuck in time, can not get the right circuits for a Switch Pro or if they simply do not care.

DLSS technology was the hope for many – here is a video that shows what upscaling can do today.

The hope was with Nvidia DLSS – was quickly crushed

Many hoped that Nintendo would use a new and more powerful Tegra circuit from Nvidia in the latest Switch model.

A Tegra circuit with support for the DLSS scaling technology so that Switch could finally display 4K on an external screen.

DLSS is a technology that scales up a lower resolution to a higher one in real time. DLSS 1.0 was not very good and had obvious graphically negative effects on the image. The successor DLSS 2.0, on the other hand, has proven to be really good, for example in Cyberpunk 2077.

If Switch (OLED) had support for DLSS technology, the game console could potentially offer 1) higher resolution on your external screen and 2) better upscaling technology even for the small screen with higher fps.

New Nintendo Switch 2019
Switch (2019) lends its hardware to Switch (OLED)

Therefore, we believe that Switch (OLED) does not have a new processor

There are probably two reasons why the Switch (OLED) does not have a new processor or more RAM.

  1. Nintendo does not want to
  2. It simply does not work

Nintendo has always gone its own way. The company has previously said that they do not see Xbox and Playstation as competitors, and that they focus on games instead of performance.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Nintendo chooses to give Switch (OLED) the same hardware as Switch (2019). If the Japanese gaming giant thinks that the model does what it should and works according to plan, there is no reason to upgrade with new, more powerful hardware.


So Nintendo has no choice. The only major manufacturer of system circuits that has the capacity to make a new Tegra circuit from Nvidia is TSMC. And they have already devoted most of their resources to making Apple processors.

Maybe Nvidia chooses to wait for development and manufacturing until next year, which forces Nintendo to use older hardware against its will?

What do you think?


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