Nintendo Switch with Monster Hunter Rise theme

Nintendo Switch with Monster Hunter Rise theme


Monster Hunter Rise is not far away and of course there will be a Switch with a theme to the game, nice one too!

Every time it’s time for a Nintendo Switch exclusive game, the console also gets a little boost when it comes to the design with the theme of the game.

However, I must say that this time with the Monster Hunter Rise theme, the Switch console is really nice. The console, docking station and Pro Controller get a lift.

Monster Hunter Rise will be released on March 26 and it is also the day that the console will be released with this theme, however, it looks like this will only happen in Japan, but we are keeping our fingers crossed for Europe as well.

However, if you want a Pro Controller with a Monster Hunter Rise theme, this will go on sale on February 27, even if it is unclear if it will take place in Europe.

Pro Controller Monster Hunter Rise


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