Notes are now updated via the Microsoft Store

Are you one of the millions of Windows users who use Notepad? Then you might appreciate the news that the little app will get more and faster updates in the future.

Notepad, or Notepad as it is called in English, is an often underestimated app that has been around since the first versions of Windows.

It is lightweight, does its job and basically never hassles. Maybe because it is so stripped down and dysfunctional. It basically does only one thing – shows text and nothing more.

In order to be able to update Notes more quickly, Microsoft has moved the app from the regular updates to the Microsoft Store. Previously, Notepad was limited to one or two improvements per year via Windows Update, ie when large versions of Windows 10 are released.

Notepad is now updateable via the Microsoft Store outside major OS updates. It also has a new icon and has been promoted out of the Windows Accessories folder to its own place in the Start menu. ”

Now you can instead open the Microsoft Store and update that way, just like with any other app.

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