Nothing confirms that Tennage Engineering will handle the design

Nothing Tennage Engineering


There has been a lot of talk about Nothing founded by Carl Pei and now it has also been confirmed that Swedish Tennage Engineering will play an important role.

Carl Pei is one of the founders of the mobile manufacturer Oneplus, after he chose to leave Oneplus he has been busy with his new company, Nothing.

There has been a lot of writing about Nothing and for the most part positive as the company is full, they have a lot going on and seem to do a lot too. Now we have found out that Swedish Tennage Engineering will handle the design of future products, not only that, Tennage Engineering is also a co-founder of Nothing.

Exactly what these two companies are working on remains to be seen, however, we know that a couple of true wireless handsets are on the way, but what more than that?

By the summer, we will at least get to see some news from Nothing and maybe this will be a company that will be a worthy competitor to all other manufacturers, I would guess that they will release stuff at good prices.

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