Nothing has now presented its first product Ear-1

Nothing Ear-1


Nothing has been a big snack this year and this mainly for Carl Pei is the founder, now they have shown off their headphones Ear-1.

Nothing Ear-1 is finally here and this is a product that Nothing has developed together with Swedish Teenage Engineering.
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The headphones have a unique design that is clearly a matter of taste.
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But when it comes to features, the Ear-1s are equipped with active noise reduction and they have a total battery life of 34 hours. The case that Ear-1 is loaded in also has a unique design.

Where the Ear-1 really stands out besides its design is the price tag, Nothing will only request $ 99 and will go on sale in limited edition at Nothing’s own website on July 31, August 17, the idea is for Ear-1 to go on sale at individual retailers.

Nothing Ear-1


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