OLEDs for the iPhone soon to be scarce? Samsung’s chip factory exacerbates the crisis in the semiconductor market

Face ID im iPhone X
Face ID in the iPhone X

With a bit of bad luck, the production of the iPhone will soon lack OLED components. This bottleneck is due to a major failure at a key manufacturing facility in Texas. The production there provides a significant part of the global chip production for smartphones and computers.

Apple may soon experience some restrictions on the availability of various components for the iPhone. These are due to the current global bottleneck in the semiconductor market, which had recently been exacerbated by the failure of an important chip production facility in Texas, according to reports in Asian business media emerges.
The Samsung manufacturing facility was paralyzed by violent snowstorms and subsequent prolonged power outages. Samsung manufactures around 5% of the world’s chips for smartphones and computers at its Texas site.

There could soon be a lack of OLED displays for the iPhone

These chips also go to the Group’s subsidiary Samsung Display, and Apple continues to purchase a large part of its OLED panels from there. Since the iPhone 12 now uses OLEDs in all four versions, the demand for panels has recently increased by leaps and bounds. And there’s another looming problem: the Texas factory also supplies significant contingents of chips for Qualcomm. The Californian chip manufacturer contributes the current Snapdragon X55 modem, which is in the iPhone 12. There could also be bottlenecks here.

However, it is not yet known when these will occur and to what extent.

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