OnePlus 9 event at the end of March

Oneplus 9 Hasselblad

Oneplus 9 Hasselblad

OnePlus has now confirmed when they feel ready to present their new flagship phone and the wait will be relatively short.

Then we will soon be there, the time of year it is time for OnePlus to present something new and this time it may not be completely unexpected about OnePlus 9 which is their top model among phones.

OnePlus has collaborated with Hasselblad, which is world famous for its cameras, but exactly what we will see regarding the camera part of the OnePlus 9 remains to be seen. However, it has already been confirmed that OnePlus has spent 150 million dollars to improve the entire camera experience in OnePlus 9 and this has been done together with Hasselblad.

We already know a little about the news that OnePlus 9 comes with, among other things, we find a new color calibration process that they have chosen to call “Natural Color Calibration” which will offer a better color reproduction.

When it comes to camera hardware, we will find an image sensor from Sony called IMX789 which, among other things, will be able to record video in 8K 30fps or if you are content with 4K in 120FPS.
Hasselblad comes into the picture when it comes to the lens that will sit on the new OnePlus 9 where they have worked a lot with wide angle and get rid of as much distortion as possible.

All this will be presented in more detail and we will see what everything looks like on March 23 at 16.00 Swedish time.

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