OnePlus invites to events

OnePlus invites to events

OnePlus seems to feel ready to present the 9 Series and has now invited to events in just a few days, what news do we have to look forward to?

OnePlus has now sent out an invitation to pretty much everyone who wants to watch their livestream where they will show some news, it seems to be the 9 series that is in focus, but exactly what will their new flagship offer. The date we are going to memorize is March 8, which is only days away, at

At their invitation we can find a picture of the earth from space with the quote “Something new is on the horizon”. But the question is what more exactly we will see, it is more or less confirmed that Hasselblad is in the game when it comes to the camera this time.

But it has also been rumored that there are three versions in progress of the 9 series, 9, 9 Pro and 9R.
We simply have to wait and see what Oneplus has for surprises to offer instead of speculating, anyway we are curious.

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