OnePlus officially becomes a subsidiary of Oppo

Oneplus Oppo


Oneplus and Oppo have had a relationship since the beginning, but now it has become official that Oneplus will be a subsidiary of Oppo.

Carl Pei and Pete Lau, who both met by working for Oppo, chose to merge their wise brains and thus create OnePlus.
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Oppo has since the start been the largest partner in Oneplus and both companies are in turn owned by BBK Electronics.

However, Pete Lau has been involved in both companies where he has, among other things, reviewed the companies’ product strategies and that this will continue but with closer collaborations between all the teams at both Oneplus and Oppo.

It will be interesting to see how the products will be affected, however, Pete Lau already says that Oneplus will continue to work for themselves as they did before, but this is something the future will simply show.


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