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Tomorrow together! Have you already gotten all the presents? Christmas is approaching and shopping in the city is a little difficult right now. But luckily there is Amazon, even if Corona has now broken out in one location. But as I know the guys with the smile on the box, the delivery promise is not broken even if half of the workforce is sick or in a labor dispute. And so welcome to the overview of the last 24 hours.

The top topic for me in this issue is a first look at the AirPods Max (Affiliate link). The colleague has here some initial thoughts on design, features and sound the AirPods Max summarized, but of course only give a rough overview – more in detail later. But in the meantime some of you have already been supplied, our survey showed at the time that some readers had ordered the AirPods Max. What do you think of the new high-end headphones, in terms of sound and every other aspect? (except for the price, which has already been discussed extensively). Leave your personal impressions in the comments.

The iPhone 12 Pro is driving sales

To put it straight away: in the midst of a subsiding pandemic, which, however, is taking a deep breath at the end, being able to increase sales of a premium product by an alleged 30% is an achievement that can be rewarded. How this works and why it is probably not enough to repeat this feat on the iPhone 13, see you can find out more here.

Is there a new Apple TV coming?

OK, that’s not that exciting now, because we actually have a new Apple TV already reported several times. Nothing has come up so far, but it should be in 2021 be ready.
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Trick, this year it will probably not happen again.

In short

What else was important

The HomePod and HomePod Mini have get an update. It then runs with version 14.3, Apple only speaks of general stability improvements.
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Does anyone have a more uplifting contribution?

Telekom and Vodafone continue to work together …

… in the expansion and provision of fast internet lines for fixed network customers. The two companies, competitors in the mobile communications sector, have been cooperating for a long time on the expansion of the fixed network, which in the past has brought countless customers faster Internet. This cooperation is now to be expanded to include the fiber optic network, which will give Vodafone customers gigabit lines. The Federal Network Agency thinks the continued cooperation is good and stated that it does not want to ignite any regulatory interference for the time being.

Microsoft Office is now faster on the M1 Mac.

Thanks to the adaptation to Apple Silicon, Microsoft Office and the core apps Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote now run significantly faster on the M1 Mac, here the information. In the near future, Microsoft Teams will also be optimized for the Mac M1.

And now I wish you a nice start to the day!

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