Outsourcing Mobile App Development For Startups In 2022

Outsourcing Mobile App Development For Startups In 2022

Starting a software company in 2022 is a challenging task that requires resilience, focus, expertise, and a little luck. Mobile app development, or MVP software development in general, takes time and knowledge. With most startup resources being limited, founders often turn to outsourcing. 

When outsourcing, the process of software development for startups is delegated to an agency that assigns a professional team of developers to the project. 

If you are curious about outsourcing software for startups but don’t know much about it, then our outsourcing guide is for you.

The benefits of outsourcing for startups 

There are many reasons why startups would choose to outsource their mobile app development. Here are the key benefits:

  • Lower development costs due to not having to hire a team. Plus, the overall process is better organised.
  • Higher quality end product. The outsourcing team consists of experts with proficient knowledge across all boards.
  • Faster release to the market through an optimised workflow.
  • More free time for founders to work on their startups.

The downsides of outsourcing: what to be aware of 

Any choice you make has both pros and cons. 

Outsourcing is no different – there are downsides to choosing this option. The majority of the potential risks can be mitigated with a little bit of effort, but we’d still like to share them with you to provide a full picture:

  • Lack of control – you will have to trust your product to somebody you haven’t worked with before. It can be a little scary, especially if you haven’t researched the outsourcing company properly.
  • Sensitive information leaks. This risk is very low, in our opinion, because outsourcing companies make a living by developing third-party solutions, so they take all measures to ensure that confidential data is safe. 
  • Communication issues resulting from the poor cultural or ethical match. Again, this risk is possible, but if you invest time in getting to know your partner before the project’s launch, it’s unlikely you will have issues down the line.

Key steps to outsource app development 

If you want to outsource software development, there are several steps you can take to optimise the process and minimise potential risks.

Step 1: Brainstorm and outline all app-related information 

Think through all the details and put them in one document that you can share with the outsourcing team before the first meeting. 

Include the following points: 

  1. Your main goals with the app.
  2. Who the target audience is and what problems your app solves. 
  3. What features are a must-have and what is a no-go.
  4. Company vision and values.
  5. Budget and timeframe guidelines. 

Step 2: Pick an outsourcing company 

You might also go with a freelance developer if you just need a one-off small app with limited functionality, for example for a seasonal promotion game. 

However, if you are intending to build a long-term mobile app that needs to be scalable and have more features added later on, we recommend going with the outsourced team as they are more competent and efficient when it comes to building powerful apps. 

How do you choose an outsourcing company? 

There is no right or wrong way to pick a software development company partner for outsourcing but you can consider the following factors:

  • Company’s location – do you want to outsource offshore? You might find top talent at more competitive rates in other parts of the world, but be wary of language and cultural barriers, as well as time differences.   
  • Their technical expertise and skill set. You want someone with experience and a portfolio of completed projects. But you also need to look at how much variety they offer in terms of services. Right now you might only need a mobile app for a limited list of platforms, but you will potentially have other projects moving forward. It is beneficial to start partnering with someone who can deliver versatile projects for you in the future.  
  • Reputation and feedback. Always check what people are saying online and in the community. Look for those with first-hand experience with the company and don’t be shy to reach out to them and ask questions. Also, make sure you see what the company itself has published on their website – customer feedback section will hint to you what kind of clients they worked with before. At the same time, remember that people tend to share negative experiences more often than they do positive ones. 

Don’t skip the market research phase and don’t automatically choose the first company you bump into. It is always worth your time to go through several options, talk to representatives, and look into their operations. The more time you dedicate to the selection process, the better the outcome of your partnership will be. 

Tips for successful app development outsourcing

Before we wrap up, here are three bonus tips to help you ace mobile app development outsourcing: 

  1. Communication is key! You will be working with a team that you don’t know that well, and things that are logical to you might not be so obvious to them and vice versa. There are tons of little things that come up once you actually start the project, so it’s best to be open and honest to avoid resentment and conflicts.
  2. Learn to trust the team to do the best job. Outsourcing can be scary because you need to let go of the control. Establish some ground rules about updates and reports throughout the project and do your best to avoid micromanaging them. It is counterproductive to both sides. 
  3. Enjoy the free time you get with outsourcing and use it to work on other tasks, such as future app promotion, the company’s strategic goals, etc. Outsourcing is not only about cost reduction and faster delivery, it is also about buying yourself back the time you can use to make your software startup better. 

Trust your mobile app development to Emphasoft 

Outsourcing software development helps startups release high-quality solutions faster and secure enough time to conduct strategic business activities.

By partnering with the Emphasoft team for the mobile app or web development, you unlock access to 170+ specialists who can begin working on your projects within 3 days. At Emphasoft, we have built many products and tools for startups, so we know exactly what to do and how to create the best versions of your product within your timeframes and budget.

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