Over 25 exclusive games on the way for PS5

Playstation Studios

Playstation Studios

So far we have not received very many PS5-exclusive games, but Sony is working on it and has surprisingly many in the works.

The fact that there will be games exclusively only for Playstation 5 is probably nothing new exactly, but the fact that Sony has over 25 games in progress was significantly more than I had expected.

It’s PlayStation Worldwide Studios director Hermen Hulst who tells the story an interview with Wire that of the 25 titles currently under development, about half are brand new.
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Sony has previously been criticized for being “cowardly” and not daring to bet on their games or exclusive games, but when Returnal was released this year, they were hugely praised by the developers behind the game who dared to do something new. Maybe Sony has turned around and maybe Hulst can make Sony dare more and the developers to actually show their creations on PS5.
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Now the question is just how long we will have to wait to get these games, I think there are many factors that play a role. Among other things, the demand for PS5 is still huge, which means that Sony wants more people to have the console before they release more exclusive games, and this thing about working from home has put the brakes on Sony’s developers a bit, but which we now hope can start slow down and return to normal.

At the time of writing, Sony has managed to ship almost 8 million PS5 consoles and as it looks now, Playstation 5 sells faster than Playstation 4 did the same period when launching the console.

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