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Packages sent with Postnord in real time are now displayed

Postnord has launched a new service that allows you to see your packages in real time when they are on the go. The new service is free and will be introduced in 37 Swedish cities on test. In the near future, Postnord wants all urban areas with more than 5,000 inhabitants.
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  • Must be available for all urban areas with more than 5,000 inhabitants
  • All evening deliveries should be able to be shown at the end of March
  • Initially available in 37 Swedish cities

The reason why Postnord launches parcel tracking in real time is that they want to increase the transparency and clarity of deliveries. And it is needed, because Postnord has received a lot of criticism for how they handle, among other things, home deliveries.

Last year made DN a series of articles about how drivers at Postnord deliberately did not deliver the packages, but instead drove straight to a drop-off point. An approach we ourselves have unfortunately experienced on more than one occasion over the years.

If you live in an area that is covered by parcel tracking in real time, you will receive an SMS from Postnord when the bidder has left the post office.
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The SMS contains a link to the special tracking site where you can see the package’s journey home to you.

We wanted to see that the function works as it should and have therefore sneaked out live tracking city by city. It is both about our systems being integrated but also about new routines for our 10,000 drivers.

Peter Hesslin, head of e-commerce and logistics at Postnord Sweden

On the special site, you can not only see where the package is, but also get information about how many deliveries there are before you. This makes it easier to plan the day so that you are home in time for reception. You can also see the journey in Postnord’s mobile app for Android and iOS.

Tracking packages in real time is actually nothing new for some. Postnord has already sneaked in real-time tracking, or live tracking as they call it, in a number of cities on trial.

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