Pacman 30th anniversary about the company

Pacman 30th anniversary about the company

Pac Man has become of the top arcade game that has deep roots in history, and the fun part is that it had become the leader of arcade games at the time when it was first released. To admire their success, Google paid a special tribute to the game on Pacman 30th anniversary.

We have seen Google changing its logo when there are special events such as the independence of a country, a particular religious event, or anything else such as labors’ day. However, things were quite different this time, and most of us might have experienced this for the first time because google had changed its logo into a playable one. A playable logo means clicking on it will automatically direct you to the game without requiring you to take further actions.

History of the game

Pacman was first released in 1980 by a Japanese company in Japan, and soon they realized its potential, so they decided to re-release it in America. They released Pac man in the same year in America; however, they brought a significant change they didn’t even imagine in the first few months of developing the game.

Primarily the game was called Puck man, and due to specific legal issues, they had to change its name to Pac man. This super fantastic arcade game just fell into the hearts of people of all age groups. The prime vision behind the game’s design was to develop a game that should be calm and peaceful and free from violence and extreme noise, unlike other arcade games.

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Who was Tori Iwatani?

Iwatani was a team member who was given the target to come up with a new game that is fun and joy to play as well as easy to play with some tricks to add a bit of spice to it. This team was working for Namco, who owns Pac man. Iwatani came up with the idea of what Pac man is now and shared it with another team member.

They had no idea this game would become the market leader in the initial stages; however, one thing they knew was that the idea behind the game was super impressive, and people would pay for sure to love it. The core reason behind the game’s success was its ability to target people of different age groups, which is why they managed to sell 100,000 units of the game, the highest number of units ever sold by a game developer.

Appreciation from google: Pacman 30th anniversary

Pacman has been on the market since 1980 and has never disappointed its users because they have brought consistent changes to the game and remained committed to improving all the negatives in the game so that people could enjoy it as much as possible.

To admire its success and its decade long history, google paid special tribute to the game on Pacman 30th anniversary, where it allowed people to play the game automatically once they click on the logo.

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