Pål Bergström – Was Sweden’s strategy a scam?

Pål Bergström - Was Sweden's strategy a scam?

This spring, we did the right thing by not shutting down society like other countries. Lockdowns, mouth guards and others restrictions has done more harm than good. Now we have aligned ourselves with the line and are implementing the same failed measures. Was the Swedish strategy from last spring a scam?

Would Sweden play a role that other countries can now use as an example of how not to do as the number of deaths is claimed to be higher than in our neighboring countries and thus be a failure?

An influenza pandemic occurs when a new influenza virus appears against which the human population has no immunity, resulting in epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illness

The pandemic, which is not one according to definition before 2009, is with all clarity a cover for a cynical agenda which aims to create a new world order with reduced democracy and a world government. Sweden has always been best in class when it comes to that endeavor, so why should it be different now?

Counting the dead WITH not only AV covid-19 opens up for manipulation by reducing and increasing the number of dead as needed. Regardless, deaths are likely to be due wrong or no care as well as ignorance of prevention and functioning cure. In this way, you have inflated the statistics and can point to excess mortality.

Vitamin D is absolutely crucial for how well the immune system works and can respond to covid-19. Many who have died in Sweden are elderly people foreign heritage as guaranteed had low levels. By silencing the importance of vitamin D, you get more deaths.

The spread of infection is probably based on false positives or positives of something that does not necessarily have to do with SARSCoV2. The company Dynamic Code AB, which performs tests, says: “The exact sequences are confidential information, but we detect parts of the ORF1ab and the N gene.” Why confidential? It is further stated: “To be clearly positive, the test must have Ct <35 and for negative Ct> 40”. Probably way too high which gives many false positives.

Is there even a virus called SARSCoV2 isolated according to Kochs postulate? Neither the Swedish Public Health Agency nor Dynamic Code gives a straight answer but refers to FHM’s website with questions and answers. It would have been so easy to give an answer immediately if it is now isolated. In addition, you do not get an answer there either and you refer to it criticized the method by Corman-Drosten et al.

Something makes people sick. It can be about normal colds and flu but it can also be a created virus, which everything suggests. By not isolating it, one keeps its true nature and origin secret so that it will not be revealed. It also makes it more difficult to find a cure and is “forced” to rely on vaccines, which is probably according to plan as vaccine passes are part of the goal.

By all accounts, governments and authorities around the world are acting in cooperation with the mainstream media according to a given plan. Fear and false information are used as weapons. Sweden is and has always had a penchant for Nazism-like behavior. Especially from a social democratic point of view. The changed strategy is probably according to plan.

Pål Bergström, Was Sweden’s strategy a scam?

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