Payment subscriptions for podcasts are delayed by Apple

Apple Podcasts would already today offer creators the opportunity to charge for their podcasts.
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But it is now delayed by Apple.
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Apple Podcasts Subscriptions were unveiled at an online event in April. However, the function will not be released until June.

Creators who use Podcasts Subscriptions can, among other things, lock all episodes behind a paid wall, offer exclusive episodes to subscribers and provide episodes without ads.

The news has, for obvious reasons, been received with both curiosity and joy by those who create podcasts. But Apple is not quite ready to take the step yet.

Further optimizations are required and therefore Apple wants to give itself a little extra time to fix everything that needs to be done.

Therefore, Apple delayed the actual launch of Podcasts Subscriptions and sent out a message to anyone interested.

Apple’s message to the podcast creators

We are writing to provide an update on the availability of PodApple Podcasts‌ Subscriptions and channels. We’ve been delighted by the response to last month’s announcement and it’s exciting to see the hundreds of new subscriptions and channels submitted from creators across the globe every day.

To ensure we are delivering the best experience for creators and listeners, ‌Apple Podcasts‌ Subscriptions and channels will now launch in June. We will communicate further updates on availability, and best practices to help you prepare your subscriptions and channels, through this newsletter.

Over the last few weeks, some creators have experienced delays in the availability of their content and access to ‌Apple Podcasts‌ Connect. We’ve addressed these disruptions and encourage creators experiencing any issues to contact us.

We’ve also heard from listeners and made adjustments based on their feedback with iOS 14.6, which was released on Monday. We will introduce additional enhancements to Library in the coming weeks. ”

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