Peter Springare: “The police authority spreads disinformation”

Peter Springare: "The police authority spreads disinformation"

Peter Springare began to criticize the development within the police authority with inefficiency, nepotism and culture of silence in 2013 and quickly became uncomfortable. After many years of trying to change and improve the organization, he finally became so uncomfortable with the management that it was decided to buy him out after a dispute with the employer who risked going to the Labor Court.

He wrote a book about his experiences that caused a great stir and today he has joined the political party Örebro Party to contribute to a change in their immediate area. In the interview, he talks about how his book has rendered support from police chiefs out in the country who do not openly dare to say that they support him and how the decline within the authority has gradually intensified over the years., Peter Springare: “The police authority spreads misinformation to protect its managers”

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