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Plex Media Server is used for DDoS attacks

Do you use the Plex media server at home?
Then you need to be careful, because a security company believes that cybercriminals are exploiting users to carry out DDoS attacks.

It is the company Netscout that has issued a sharp warning about how cybercriminals gain access to media servers and use them for malicious DDoS attacks on the internet.

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The affected users have a router whose uPnP function has been activated and is incorrectly set. According to Netscout, Plex server software wants to automatically use the ssdp protocol over port 32414 on your router.

By sending a 52-byte data packet through the port on your router, the Plex media server can increase the amount of data to 281 bytes for the receiver.

Alone, your router can not do much damage of course. But in conjunction with the 27,000 other Plex media servers that Netscout has drawn attention to doing this, it can quickly become problematic for those exposed to the DDoS attack.

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To avoid being unknowingly involved in the DDoS attacks, turn off the uPnP function in the router. Exactly how you do it depends on which model you use.

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