Processor failure affects Samsung

Processor failure affects Samsung |

The large and well-known processor manufacturer Qualcomm can not meet the great demand for the company’s processors for mobile phones and tablets.

For the world’s leading manufacturer of mobile phones, Samsung, the lack of components is particularly serious, writes Reuters.

The lack of processors is partly due to the fact that many users opt out of mobile phones from Huawei, which manufactures its own processors. When they choose models from other manufacturers, the demand for Qualcomm’s processors increases.

Another company that is not affected by this problem is Apple, which also manufactures its own processors.

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Mainly cheap models are affected

According to Samsung, it is mainly the company’s models in the lower price ranges that are covered by the processor shortage.

Xiaomi is also concerned about the unusually large shortage of processors.

The problem has arisen after a number of Qualcomm’s subcontractors were unable to supply components that Qualcomm needs to the processors. When many companies discover that there may be a shortage, you buy more components and stock up. Thus, the problem grows further.

This also leads to price increases, and some components have gone up seven times the original price.

Whether the component shortage will have any effect on prices in Swedish stores is unclear. No such trends are visible yet.

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