Pros and Cons of Wearing a Nightguard

Pros and Cons of Wearing a Nightguard

Are you wondering if a nightguard is good for you? Do you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a nightguard? If yes, you must read this dental guide until the end.

What is A Nightguard?

A night guard is a dental device worn to minimize the impact of teeth grinding or clenching. This device is perfect for those kids or adults who are habitual of grinding their teeth while sleeping.

Teeth grinding or clenching (also known as bruxism) can negatively affect oral health. If you clench your teeth during the day, the condition is known as awake bruxism, while if you do this while sleeping, the condition is known as sleep bruxism.

If you are habitual of grinding or clenching your teeth during the day, you can use certain behavioral modifications to stop clenching your teeth. However, if you grind your teeth at night, you do not have any control over doing so.

Reports suggest that sleep bruxism is more dangerous than awake bruxism. That’s because you aren’t aware of what you are doing while sleeping. Hence, you might be applying more force on your teeth or jaws, leading to jaw pain, jaw dysfunction, and ongoing fatigue.

That’s where a nightguard becomes useful. Continue reading to explore more about the pros and cons of using these nightguards.

Pros of Wearing Nightguards

Here are some of the advantages of wearing nightguards.

·         They Protect Your Teeth from Damage

The most significant advantage of a dental nightguard is that it protects your teeth from the effects of clenching while sleeping. A night guard acts as a cushion barrier between your teeth and prevents chipped teeth and worn-down teeth, which are the most common problems linked to teeth clenching.

·         Prevents Jaw Pain and Headaches

Teeth clenching at night puts a lot of stress on your jaws. People who are habitual of clenching their teeth at night often experience intense jaw pain and headaches when they wake up. This jaw pain can lead to severe and ongoing headaches and even migraines, making it difficult for us to perform daily tasks.

·         Make it Easier for You to Fall Asleep.

Most people who clench their teeth while sleeping wake themselves up because of teeth grinding. That’s where wearing a nightguard becomes handy. A night guard acts as a cushion between your teeth and minimizes the impact of teeth grinding and clenching. Wearing a nightguard makes it easier to fall asleep and enjoy a better night’s sleep.

Nightguards are designed to keep the muscles relaxed during sleep. They do so by taking the force of clenching on themselves instead of passing it on to your teeth.

·         Prevents Snoring

Snoring might be a bigger issue for your partner than yourself. However, it’s still important to address this issue. And the best way of sorting this issue is by wearing a nightguard.

When your jaw is clenched during sleep, it creates breathing problems. Improper breathing during sleep leads to snoring. When you wear the best mouthguard for teeth grinding while sleeping, your top and bottom jaws do not come in contact, which means you stay protected from teeth grinding problems.

Keeping your jaws distant from each other increases the amount of air in which you can breathe while sleeping. This increasedair improves your breathing and decreases snoring.

Cons of Wearing A Nightguard

Wearing a nightguard isn’t harmful at all. It does not cause any oral health complications. The only problem with this dental device is it takes time to get accustomed to wearing these nightguards. Initially, it might get difficult for you to adjust to wearing a nightguard. However, within a few weeks, you will get used to it, and wearing a nightguard will get easier for you.

It is advised to wear these nightguards 10-20 minutes before going to bed. This allows you to get used to wearing a dental device.

Although some people might not get tempted to wear a nightguard every night; however, it is important to do so if you want to get rid of teeth clenching and grinding.

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