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Quick Guide: The Crew 2 (and other Ubisoft games) do not launch in the Epic Games Launcher

Quick Guide: The Crew 2 (and other Ubisoft games) do not launch in the Epic Games Launcher

Just invested in and downloaded The Crew 2 (or other Ubisoft game) via the Epic Games Store but bitterly stated that the game does not start at all? How to arrange it!

The above seems, according to Internet, be a fairly common problem. With a thankfully reasonably simple solution.

The “problem” is spelled Ubisoft (i.e. the publisher of The Crew 2) and the fact that they have their own gaming client by name Ubisoft Connect (past, and sometimes still, Uplay).

When you buy The Crew 2 and many other games (e.g. Watch Dogs) via Epic Games Store these can sometimes not be started for the reason that they need an update. An update that can only be downloaded via Ubisoft Connect. Failure to download the update will result in the game not starting at all. All that happens is when you try to start the game is instead that Launchthe text changes to Running to return to immediately Launch. So nothing.

The solution is two-part and consists partly of connecting theirs Epic Games account to his Ubisoft Connect account and to update the game in question via Ubisoft Connectclients. Then we get started!

* Note that the following procedure is guaranteed not to be the solution every time a game does not start via the Epic Games Launcher, however, that solved the problem in my case.

Connect Ubisoft and Epic Games (if you haven’t already)

  1. Try to start the game in question. It should say Ubisoft Login Required under the name of the game.
  2. A box should appear here where you are asked to connect yours Epic Games account with an account from Ubisoft (you do not need to have such an account yet).
  3. click Link Account and follow the instructions. If you already have one Ubisoft Connectaccount, log in with this. Otherwise you choose New Member and create a new account with any email address.

Should the Ubisoft Account login page not open correctly (or at all), you may need to do the following (in Windows 10): Click the Search icon next to the Start menu and type “Default Apps”. Press Enter. Scroll down until you reach Browser. Click on that option and select any browser other than Edge (Chrome suggested). Then repeat the process above.

Install the latest updates through Ubisoft Connect

  1. Then continue by downloading and installing Ubisoft Connectapp to your computer. You will find it here. click Download for PC, at the top right corner. Install the app without changing any settings.
  2. Start now Ubisoft Connect and log in with your details. You should see your game below Games Library.
  3. To avoid downloading the entire game again (yes, it can actually get that bad), click on it Locate installed game (during Download). Then locate the actual installation folder for the game and click on it OK. Usually this is C: Program Files Epic Games * game name *.
  4. Ubisoft Connect now automatically checks that all files are in place, after which you should be notified that an update needs to be downloaded for the game in question to start. Choose to download the update and let it complete and install.
  5. Unfortunately, these updates can sometimes be downright crazy big. In the case of The Crew 2, the update was almost as big as the game itself.
  6. When everything is updated and ready, you can close Ubisoft Connect and hopefully now the game will start as it should directly from Epic Games Launcher.

If you encounter problems or have other questions, you are of course welcome to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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