QuickBooks Desktop vs QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Desktop vs QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Desktop is accounting software that comes with multiple features, integrations, and usages. Users of this locally installed accounting software seem to be very happy with their purchase. Similarly, QuickBooks Online accounting software offers several benefits and ease of use that user share.

If you are planning to choose between two accounting software, you certainly need to think carefully. Comparing the two can be a complex task for you. The QuickBooks Online and Desktop comparisons made in this blog clearly show which software is the ultimate for you.

The comparison of QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online will be made based on a few factors. They’re described in-depth below:

An Overview of QuickBooks Online and Desktop version

QBO or QuickBooks Online is Intuit’s accounting product. This cloud-based product was launched in 2004. When it was launched, it was not as developed as it is upgraded today.

After its launch, some improvements have been made and new features have been introduced. This software is suitable for both small and medium enterprises and large enterprises.

The QuickBooks desktop was introduced in 1992. If you talk about this accounting software, you can view three products from there such as QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, QuickBooks Desktop Premier, and QuickBooks Desktop Pro. QuickBooks Desktop Pro is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, but QuickBooks Desktop Premier is ideal for medium-sized companies. The third product has proven to be a good choice for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. Each version of this accounting software gives users access to multiple features as well as accounting tools. Due to its complex accounting and robust features, many organizations that are already using QBO are opting to Convert QuickBooks Online to Desktop service to meet their complex accounting needs.

Some important features:

Contact Management:

Contact management is provided to both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop users. If you’re a QuickBooks Desktop user, you can also track and manage leads along with your contacts.

Service of Making Invoices: 

Comparing the two software based on billing service, QuickBooks Online outperforms QuickBooks Desktop. According to QuickBooks Online users, creating invoices for clients is something they enjoy using this software. Invoices generated by this software will be displayed in an attractive design. It is also convenient for the users as they can create invoices from anywhere on their Microsoft Azure VDI if they are working from home, stuck in traffic, or traveling somewhere.

Invoices generated via QuickBooks Desktop are simple and may seem outdated and customizing them may or may not be a convenient option.

Accounting Service:

QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online are based on accounting principles, including double-entry bookkeeping. Each software includes cash-basis accounting and accrual accounting. With the two software, you can also enjoy beautiful and detailed accounting charts, receivables and receivables, bank matching, and journals. It also contains the basic reports that your business needs to function. The fundamental difference is that you can expect better reports with QuickBooks Desktop. This software is also useful for complex bookkeeping.


If you need simple software that is easy to learn and use, you can choose QuickBooks Online. It also allows you to remotely access accounting and use the mobile app for it. If your business needs complex accounting, you can choose QuickBooks Desktop.

Hosting providers like Apps4Rent who are also experts in providing services different migration services like Office 365 Tenant Migration will not only help you in selecting the right QuickBooks platform but also provides optimum uptime and remote access for your organization.

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