Rainbow Six Extraction is now delayed until 2022

Rainbow Six Extraction


Many who have been tagged before being allowed to play Rainbow Six Extraction this autumn, but unfortunately this will now be moved to 2022.

Rainbow Six Extraction has clearly had a tough journey and it looks like it will continue to be tough. This year’s Ubisoft Forward, which usually takes place at the same time as E3, we got a real review of Rainbow Six Extraction, in addition to the new name, we got to see a lot of gameplay, which made us calm.

The goal was then that Ubisoft would release Rainbow Six Extraction on October 27 this year, but unfortunately that will not be the case now. Ubisoft has now announced that they aim to release Rainbow Six Extraction in January 2022 instead, even if it is nailed remains to be seen but giving the game more time can never hurt.


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