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Razer releases a powerful charger at the highest price

 Razer USB-C 130W

Razer is good at releasing various accessories and releasing a powerful charger is clearly appreciated, but the price tag may not be as appreciated.

Razer USB-C 130W is as you can hear from the name a charger that has a full 130W in total and there are some ports that will share this power. We find two USB-Cs that can share 100W and we also have two USB-As that can share 18W.

For example, if you were to connect a USB-C device, you could charge it with 100W and a phone with 18W via USB-A, clearly a plus.

The Razer USB-C 130W can also be a good travel charger as it comes with various plugs for EU / UK and US sockets.

However, there is one drawback and that is the price tag, Razer wants $ 180 for this charger which is quite juicy and there are other options with similar solutions.

 Razer USB-C 130W  Razer USB-C 130W

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