Review: Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

Time for a brand new Resident Evil, the eighth game in a row and this time we get to run around a village, but where is all the horror?

I more or less love Resident Evil, love it for its deep story and above all for its horror, horror that the game series once had.

But now that the eighth has been released, Village is here, something has happened, Capcom themselves even say that they chose not to make Village particularly scary when they got a feedback that Resident Evil 7 was a bit too scary and they chose to tone it down in the eighth.

Unfortunately, this is noticed quite quickly in the game, there is enormous potential to make the game really scary as the environment in which the game takes place is an environment that only screams fear and discomfort, but unfortunately Capcom fights against this, even though Resident Evil has made itself known for just to be scary.

Once again we play as Ethan Winters and you can say that this Resident Evil is a pure sequel to the seventh, the story continues and the mystery remains. Ethan is back with his wife Mia and his newborn baby Rose. The goal they have is to live in peace without a lot of problems and intrigue, but you can probably figure out that this quiet time in peace will be very short-lived. Chris Redfield has a big role in this Resident Evil which is more or less to protect the family, but which at first seems to be against us in every way, but everything has its reason.

Another “news” in the Village is that it is not really zombies that attack us, instead it is the kind of werewolves that are in focus, as well as some other types of enemies that do not seem to be zombies that we are otherwise used to. It’s also sad but at the same time I understand that Capcom wants to expand the Resident Evil world in its own way, but I think this with werewolves and enemies in the Village will stay here.

Enemies in Resident Evil Village are not very many, it is quite monotonous but at the same time I get the feeling that there is no need for more, zombies or werewolves, they are enemies. As in all other previous Resident Evil, we have a few different bosses to deal with, but can not say that these bosses are particularly challenging or complicated, you see pretty quickly where to attack and then you just have to feed on, however, to skimp on ammo until the boss.

Resident Evil Village feels like there has been more focus on action and simpler puzzles than horror, we have for example The Duke which is our “shop” where we can sell things we find in this world, for this money we collect that we mainly upgrade our weapons and buy accessories for weapons and ammunition. At first I suspected that The Duke was not as nice as he seemed, but he gave us a very good explanation in codes why things happen to Ethan.

Resident Evil has from its first game always had easier puzzles and everything is connected in the end, but puzzles in Village are a bit too easy, you connect pretty quickly where you go and which rooms you can open with which keys for example.
Resident Evil Village is graphically a real masterpiece, I played on Playstation 5 which worked flawlessly, no bugs and the charging times were minimal, honestly I do not even remember any charging times. Cruel feeling in this village, the details in every room and every house are indescribable, it is clear that Capcom loves this with details that give a perfect overall impression. I would probably say that graphically the game gets top marks and then this is on Playstation 5, I do not know if the game is PS5-optimized graphically such as having 4K resolution, but top marks are clearly there.

In addition to the graphics, the sound design in The system requirements for Resident Evil Village are here Resident Evil Village is at least as good as the graphics, the voice actors all maintain a high level, great dialogues with interesting discussions that are rich in content and have great significance in many cases in the game. Everything is connected in its own way and you get answers to a lot over time and that is exactly what Resident Evil is, the mystique at first that slowly but surely gives us all answers.

When you hear about Resident Evil, you usually first think of Umbrella and the T-virus where it all begins, but here we do not have much Umbrella, there are but far from what we are otherwise used to. But everything has its beginning and Resident Evil Village has a beginning to something completely new, the question is just what it will be in the future as it feels like Resident Evil 9 will also be a continuation of eight, but in which direction is the question.

I like Resident Evil Village very much, but I miss the horror, I do not want another action game that we already have plenty of, I want horror and horror when it is at its best from Capcom in Resident Evil.

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