Review: Returnal

Review: Returnal -

Time for an exclusive game for Playstation 5 and it is quickly noticeable that it is exclusive, mainly in graphics and feel, but the other then?

I will be honest from the start and say that Returnal is a game that ended up under my radar, suddenly we got the chance to review the game and that was even when I became curious.

I had zero idea what Returnal was for games so the expectations were somehow still high, mainly because I found out that it is a PS5-exclusive game and these games do not usually disappoint exactly.

Returnal starts interesting, you get to see a movie sequence where we first fly in space, we work our way down to a planet and then maybe not completely unexpectedly crash on this planet, time to find out where we are and how to get there from here. But this is just the beginning, this is the beginning of an adventure that will be repeated hundreds if not thousands of times.
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Returnal is an action-packed game where you have to get through as different “rooms”, it can be a room full of enemies, or with a puzzle or just a room that provides new equipment, weapons, etc. But this is also where the problem comes from. , or not the problem but what the game is actually about.

Should you die, lose, simply lose your life, then you start all this journey by your ship this with all the progress you have made, you start from scratch again with new “rooms” to get through and if you have bad luck harder or luck easier challenges.

This is what Returnal is all about, if you die often, you simply have to do the same thing over and over again, several times over. But once you succeed, when you find a room or meet a boss that you win over, the feeling is indescribable, the reward that Returnal actually gives you when you succeed with something and when you move forward is a big plus.

Then there are many other interesting mechanics and stories in the game, a lot of mystery where you find different corpses during the game and several times if it can be your own corpse and then the question is how did it end up there and what does it mean? ?


Returnal has a lot of mystery in it, very exciting and very surprising which I will be silent about as I think this is clearly something you should give a chance to experience.

The graphics in Returnal are not entirely unexpectedly the best we have seen on the console so far, so much detail, how light conditions can differ in the game and much that happens and is shown in the picture even though it can be very dark. As I said, it’s an exclusive game for Playstation 5 which is a console with power so I did not expect anything other than top graphics with a lot of details and atmosphere required in a game like Returnal.
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Since we have the Dualsense controller to work with, the developers have used its functions, not only are the vibrations in the controller extremely detailed, but also the adaptive triggers have function, you press L2 just a little, halfway you use the weapon standard mode, you press not L2 all the way, you suddenly use the weapon’s special abilities. However, this is a feature that I am not particularly fond of but it does exist and something I still appreciate that you take advantage of features that Dualsense actually offers.


Returnal also offers 3D sound, which is not something I have tested, but I do notice that it has not been skimped on sounds, the few voice actors that are available are clearly top class, but the best are probably the different environments that the game offers where the sound changes and creates an atmosphere that Returnal still offers.

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