Ring has now presented Video Doorbell Pro 2

Ring has now presented Video Doorbell Pro 2

Then it was time for some news from Ring and it’s a sequel to the favorite, Video Doorbell Pro 2 is here with interesting news.

Video Doorbell Pro 2 comes as usual with some news, among other things, the bell is now equipped with radar technology, which among other things will measure the distance to the camera and in turn is activated depending on which setting you choose. In short, the radar will have a better idea of ​​when the camera is to be activated, at what distance.

With the help of all this technology, you will also be able to get a bird’s eye view to see how the person the camera was activated from, how this person moves and where it came from, this with the help of other Ring products.

The camera has also received a slight boost which now shows the image in 1536p HD and that it has a dark position in color this time. As before, Video Doorbell Pro 2 also has two-way communication, which can be useful if you are not at home at the time.

Call Video Doorbell Pro 2 will go on sale on March 31 and the price tag ends up at SEK 2,799.

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