Ring presents the second generation of its alarm

Ring Alarm 2nd gen
Ring Alarm 2nd genRing Larm has received an update in the new generation where we have new security functions and new hardware, among other things.

Ring continues to produce news with certainty and now it is time for the alarm system to get a lift.

Ring Alarm 2 will, among other things, contain new sensors that, among other things, have become smaller but better, the entire system also has some new functions with a focus on security.
A nice news is that the keypad will have a dedicated button that can send out notifications to three contacts you set in advance and thus announce if an emergency should occur in the home.

Ring has also presented a new outdoor siren that you can connect to your current Ring system, the perfect siren if you want to scare away unauthorized people in your home or office.

Ring Alarm (2nd gen) goes on sale on April 28 and the price tag is SEK 2,799, then includes:

  • (1) Base station
  • (1) Keypad
  • (1) Contact sensor (for door / window)
  • (1) Motion detector
  • (1) Range extender

Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren will go on sale on March 31 and the price tag for it is SEK 899.

Ring Outdoor Siren


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