Ring, tado, Google, Sonos and Co. cheaper on New Year’s Eve – at tink!

Ring, tado, Google, Sonos and Co. cheaper on New Year's Eve - at tink!


At the end of the year we can present you with very exciting offers from our partner “tink”. Most of you will know tink as the point of contact for smart home gadgets in Germany and Austria. We therefore summarize the current deals for New Year’s Eve and other discounts over the New Year. If you want to get a bargain in the area of ​​smart homes, loudspeakers, lights, sensors and the like in the coming days, now has the chance.

There is even a 66% discount on some PHILIPS hue sets. But be careful: Most offers are “only” reduced by 25 to 30%.

Focus on ring deals

The focus is currently on Ring’s discounted products. The following bargains stand out:

Smart home in times of lockdown

Tink has also had a special campaign in its program since December 26th. The bank is reducing popular smart home products that are supposed to make time at home more pleasant. This includes products from Google, BOSCH, Sonos, tado, PHILIPS hue, Netatmo, Eve, Withings, nuki and others.

Other highlights

We have picked out more bargains from the current deal selection:

Why buy on tink?

The smart home portal tink not only offers very attractive prices in Germany and Austria from many brands for HomeKit, Alexa, Google Home and Co. The online shop was founded in Berlin in 2016 and is one of the few niche shops in Germany that offers foreign Amazons and co.

The following advantages do you get with tink:

  • Easy shipping to Germany and Austria
  • Free shipping and returns
  • “Tink-works-guarantee”: Experts help with problems free of charge
  • Experts come by in person if problems cannot be resolved via support

If you don’t know tink yet, you are welcome to take a look at the site yourself. Interesting offers await us now before the turn of the year and also in January 2021.

Many thanks to tink for supporting Apfelpage. You make our app and site possible for free. Take a look at the offers mentioned:


* The product links used here are affiliate links that enable us to receive a small commission per transaction if you shop via the marked links. As a result, you as a reader and user of the offer do not suffer any disadvantages, you no longer pay a cent. However, you are supporting the editorial work of WakeUp Media®. Many Thanks!

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